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Yoddha : Deva Sangram [Game Review]

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Hello~ everybody MY name is piru!
I explain the game is YODDHA.

Yoda can do without the burden of the less mobile games!

1. Yoda has a unique character.

Personality characters, cute characters, there are these sexy character by character
The characters I think would be fun to collect!
But fewer of the desired character or characters are present and collect all the characters shown in the city thought it might be interesting to drop.
So the equipment production, tightening equipment I think.

2. equipment production, tightening equipment

Made up of the best ratings the characters in order to create stronger by replacing the equipment. The character to fit the characteristics of the equipment after you have produced a much stronger if to Deva. Equipment as far as the strengthening of character "will rise.

3. ranking system


These are the characters that you want to strengthen the it self if you know the shame alone would be ...? So, I think I'm a ranking system.
You can compare yourself to yourself and the South to learn how strong.
Try this one once and for all, etc.?

4. Deva compound, reinforced

Having wished Yoda is the name of the character that comes from a game called.
Deva is divided into up to six grade 1 rating.
How to raise the rating of the same grade in Deva's character is a composite of 5 rivers.
Deva is a river becomes a game easier.
4. adventure system

Yoda the adventures that content.
When you say just for the purpose of making money driving tub adventure.
But not the Yoda.
Yoda in soul as you take care of this adventure that beads schedule probability.
Rating of a character different from the needs of soul beads
The character meets the soul to put all those characters, you can get the beads.
Easy, medium, or another Adventure mode is divided into a total of difficulty.
Every time I have completed all the compensation for each mode are adventurous and rewarding stay.






5 special Dungeon!
Get the other games like Yoda special dungeons.
There are three special types of dungeons.
The first is the honorary Dungeon.
Kudos to the Dungeon game play more-that you can get an item called the honor.
To honor the tightening equipment, equipment in the production of the necessary ingredients you can get.
The second Dungeon is a place called the endless Tower.
This infinity Tower is five times a day, you can go up to the higher floors offer a challenge.
You can get a good reward as a layer.
The third day of the Dungeon.
You can get the item for each day of the week.




6. cash items
Yoda can't spend money and have fun playable game.
Yoda is present and able to perform dynamic but often paid daily quests and so gained to DIA
This is because the librarian can write cache items.
In addition, you cannot run out of picking games.
Yoda is used to draw the bar himself.
You can get a diamond at the beginning as a tip to get the opposite sex to draw Deva 4: make it more playable.

A variety of fun yo! Try with this?

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I'm pretty confused here...

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