1. DFire

    It's been a while. Still really quiet...

    Definitely know a lot more now, sad to see theres not a lot of opportunity to apply my knowledge.


    Random side note, Apparently I got a warning point back in august of last year for spamming. Maybe part of the false perma ban I got? Idk. Wonder if it was justified. I was always one to try to keep up a clean track record on the forums and in games.


    Visiting relatives in China. Will be there tomorrow until september 3rd. May check in here once in a while, depending on the wifi.

  2. micraig

    Purchased my 2nd Hornet build need assembly instructions.  Please help

  3. micraig

    Need assembly instructions for Hornet build

  4. DKL

    Sometimes my dreams at night come true. I'll see something that jogs my memory(usually more or less exactly a year later) and makes me think of the dream where the same thing happened or is about to happen. 

    During Christmas celebrations I played Jenga with my older brother. I've never played Jenga before, but i dreamt about it last year at around this time, thinking nothing of it. All I saw in the dream was the game itself, and some key moves I made to win against my older brother.

    Fast forward a year later, and I was playing the EXACT same game of Jenga. It got tense at one point, and that jogged my memory of the dream. I got a bit of a crazy grin, knowing my unfair advantage and how the forced movement of a piece that shouldn't be able to be moved would work without any problems...

    ...it worked perfectly, and we eventually went up to 15 turns each before the Jenga tower fell, winning my first game of Jenga.

    tldr; Dreams win games. 

  5. HumaNort

    does anyone ever see this?

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    2. HumaNort

      well ive never seen any status on the forum so was thinking who sees it

      and its you lol

    3. DKL

      Of course it's me. I'm a mf'n dragon, afterall!

    4. HumaNort

      lol im from the land of dragons

  6. HumaNort

    I need to stop buying games

  7. HumaNort

    why is pepsi max so good?!

  8. Sirefoperw

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  9. Sirefoperw

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