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    Answer: Yes it is, I did purchase SSD and Power Supply + HD Monitor.
    1. It has a "AR5B22 WiFi + Bluetooth" module connected to the motherboard. Not a requirement to keep it, just wanted to know if I could keep it, instead of losing out on the feature I paid for with the desktop.
    2. No the computer was bought (Refurbished). This would be just upgrading.
    3. Well the goal was really intended for school, then I was thinking to make it play games also.
    4. There is a PCI Express Slot Yes, if you noticed in the specs there is a part I ordered "90 Degree Angled USB 3.0 19-Pin 20-Pin Internal Header Mini Connector" upon looking for video cards I've come to the fact that other people who have had this system stated that some video cards will not work ONLY because of the size/fitting into the PCI Slot available because of this I was assuming this USB Panel plug was in the way of placing a Video Card on the motherboard. So hopefully that is the case.
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    Upgrading PC 605-UB12
    Hello everyone, I've just wanted to find out what is the correct motherboard to upgrade to with this system currently without changing the case.

    So far my build can be seen here - This shows my Computer Specs etc.

    So far I'm thinking I need to upgrade the motherboard and add a video card to this system.
    Although this system's motherboard has a wifi card in it, I'm not sure what I can do about this moving to a upgraded motherboard.

    Aside from that even though I did purchase a SSD I noticed that these are very expensive to come by. 

    Should I upgrade the motherboard? or just purchase a video card and be done with it?
    Thank You For Any Advice!
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