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  1. Rekinu added a post in a topic Upgrading PC 605-UB12   

    Sorry about the late reply, I have been quite busy with work this week.
    1) the module, if it is plugged into a PCIE slot or somesuch should be transferrable to a new MOBO if needed.
    3) I would try the graphics card on the MOBO you have now, and see what kind of performance you get (Just make sure to enable the dedicated graphics card from the BIOS).  Then, if it doesnt work, jump for the new MOBO.  As long as it has all the plugs you need, then no need to spend money on upgrading something that will make only a small difference to the rig.
    This is my 2 cents, i am hardly an admin of this site, or someone who has done this lots.  I DO work in the IT field, and that is what I would do, were I in the same situation.
  2. Rekinu added a post in a topic Upgrading PC 605-UB12   

    hmmm... im a little less sure on swapping out for a pre-built PC from a vendor, but if what I am seeing is correct you have an Acer Pre-built ATC-605-UB12 right?
    so a couple of questions.
    1) you mentioned that the one IN there has Wireless internet... is this something you are needing to continue to have? (either built in or purchase an add-on)
    2) is the Mobo bad or are you just trying to upgrade?
    3) if you are just trying to upgrade, what is the goal?
    4) you mentioned that you might get a video card, is there a slot there in the unit for one?
  3. Rekinu added a post in a topic A very tiny laptop (7-inch)   

    too small, IMO.  Perfect for people with smaller hands, but I cannot stand using small keyboards like that (have a plug in keyboard, for my tablet)
  4. Rekinu added a post in a topic Full HD are universal, known as the world's smallest notebook actually still using 720P resolution?   

    yea, now we KNOW this is a spambot.... reported!
  5. Rekinu added a post in a topic aut azioni binarie   

    spam and reported.
  6. Rekinu added a post in a topic Most beautiful girls for sex   

    spam, and reported.
  7. Rekinu added a post in a topic Recommendations of laptop with the price around USD 280   

    like i posted in the other one  (which i am suspecting is SPAM based on this one showing up again, pretty similar in wordage) the small size of the screen is a concern for those with less than perfect eyesight...
  8. Rekinu added a post in a topic buy office home and business 2013   

    ?? was this a request for help? or a suggestion?
  9. Rekinu added a post in a topic The world’s smallest laptop   

    thats pretty cool, but unless it has video outputs to bigger screens, not much use to me anyways, that text looks TINY! lol.  But amazing what they can fit in so small a box eh?
    Try looking at the Mini factor PC's from dell.  Those are beastly.  The size of a thin client (smaller than most women's purses), but with an I7 processor and 16 gigs of RAM plenty of beast for any business related need.  Only downside is lack of a CD drive, which can be mitigated with a USB port DVD drive which can be mounted as needed.
  10. Rekinu added a post in a topic Low Performance on new GPU!   

    I had the same problem with my PC i built initially.  First it was not using all 16 gigs of ram (one of the ports on the MOBO for the RAM was bad), then it was the graphics card.  Basically it was NOT using the dedicated graphics card, which was causing it as the integrated just could not handle it.
    Now it seems like you have checked a couple of these, but i would verify the following:
    1) is the graphics card being utilized?
    2) can you run a graphics card test on it, from the manufacture and see how it performs?
    3) RAM test via Windows Memory Diagnostic (search from the start menu).  let it run at a reboot, and see what the results say.  It SHOULD pop up at a reboot, but if it doesnt, search Event Viewer -> open it, Windows Logs > System > click find on the right hand side, and search for "MemoryDiagnostic"  the box should say "The Windows Memory Diagnostic tested the ccomputer' memory and detected no errors.  now that i think about it, just go here and follow these instructions, try both to be sure that there are no errors:
    It is POSSIBLE that the RAM is partly to blame, as DDR3 is slightly outdated, but im thinking not. 16 gigs is plenty for all you seem to be using it for (I play Skyrim at high settings, though i do turn the lighting up since i hate not being able to see at night, haha)
    CPU does not seem to be an issue either, 860W should be more than enough for your usages.
    I am using an i5 midgrade, and so i am doubting it is the processor, especially if it is passing the stress tests.
  11. Rekinu added a post in a topic Fan Problems   

    i would check to see that the plug is in solid, and also, IF you have a fan that is the same size, perhaps swap them places (this tells us if the power supply cable is the issue,  or the fan itself).
  12. Rekinu added a post in a topic Hi everyone from Karen   

    (i assume the other new topics were by accident, and if so, dont worry about it, an admin will clean them up later, )
  13. Rekinu added a post in a topic Hi everyone from Karen   

    Nice to meet you too Karen!!
    Are you in search of parts, consulting, or friendship?  
    I am Rekinu, and am always willing to help where i can.  Some things are outside my experience but I will let you know if it is something that is unfamiliar, so don't worry, haha.
  14. Rekinu added a post in a topic crashing when gaming   

    more than welcome!  Always glad to know that someone is back up and running
    Happy gaming!
  15. Rekinu added a post in a topic crashing when gaming   

    so you have reinstalled the OS on two different SSD drives and you see the same behavior with both?
    Oh, do you have a dedicated Graphics card? Try playing a game after unplugging it, (perhaps the card itself is to blame and is going out)
    We can rule out the keyboard, mouse, and monitor.  So SOMETHING ELSE is causing the issue.
    graphics card
    power supply
    are all POTENTIAL failure points.  but you are fairly sure that it is not a heat issue (based off your first post).
    If you have mulitple sticks of ram, you can try pulling one at a time and see if the behavior still happens.
    MOBO is hard to replace, as is the power supply... most people do NOT have spares just sitting around, haha, but try the two above and let me know.  (Dedicated Graphics card, RAM).