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  1. HumaNort added a post in a topic crashing when gaming   

    What about the driver (GPU) as it was running fine before can u roll back the driver?
    Or download an older version
  2. HumaNort added a post in a topic Video-Photo editing   

    monitor is a import piece of kit
  3. HumaNort added a post in a topic New Member   

    love me some fallout 4 dude welcome.
    running any mods?
  4. HumaNort added a post in a topic Building a Workstation - Deciding on the GPU - Need some insights   

    dont use the quadro card for gaming its for working and will be pants its a work horse.
    Do use it for a workstation it will eat the gaming gpu's as above it is a work horse
    or the firepro there work horses too
  5. HumaNort added a post in a topic Video-Photo editing   

    just add an ssd to that it at some point will take a lot of time off editing.
    make sure to OC the RAM and CPU as its free and you have the tools in the rig and the rx 470 you maybe to push it close to a rx 480 in performance 
    nice rig it will do you proud only thing is ram I would maybe looked at 32gb over the four dimms as 16gb over four means no room to add without getting a hole new set of ram
  6. HumaNort added a post in a topic Can't get Turtle beach to work with desktop   

    as you have a 3.5mm jack with 3 lines on it you will need a splitter.
    Also the volume/headphone box thing only has a line out for sound (like a one way street) you will need a line in which will plug in the mic jack on the case or rear I/O 
    something like thisófono-Separadas-Auriculares/dp/B00Y4663GG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477414175&sr=8-1&keywords=pc+mic+splitter.
    If it was me I would get a extension cable and run it with the headphone cable to the box on the desk from the mic port on the I/O and have the splitter into them.
    Hope this helps out
  7. HumaNort added a post in a topic Finally getting ready to build my first custom Desktop!   

    hey man 
    sorry I'm late to the party.
    sweet build.
    just one thing look at putting a piece of wood under the tower or someting to stop it inhaling the carpet if you have not already done it.
    Also how the chair I have been looking at one like that
  8. HumaNort added a post in a topic Sup guys, Jamal from Missouri   

    yes Jamal welcome hows it going?
  9. HumaNort added a post in a topic Radeon RX 480   

    True but 6 GB if ram? The big thing is the Rx 480 is aimed at vr not heard about the gtx 1060 whether it's just a standard display or going vr (no sli ). So that plays apart also what the vendor's do with the cards could be something to look at.
    But neither the less and good time for GPU's and the price of them
  10. HumaNort added a post in a topic Radeon RX 480   

    Not really its getting blow out of the water. Take the 750ti how much does that draw under load overclocked lol it only run's off the pci think about it. I'm pretty sure that a PCI can push alot more that 75 watts. I'm sure if I looked online there would be many card that that do that. On the flip side I would't run it on a cheap Mobo (where a problem could happen) as I would what to run it overclocked smashing the power as it will go crazy with more power. When the vendor cards come out with 8 pin or more power on the card it will be good 
  11. HumaNort added a post in a topic OroPrime V3.0   

    forgot to say got a headphone stand now and a desk mat but may get a new mat it all black not sure im feeling it
  12. HumaNort added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Radeon RX 480
    Anyone thinking about getting this peoples champ?
    Im thinking about getting one for a mitx living room build but its 300 Euro here in Spain right now (8gb)
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  13. HumaNort added a post in a topic Help plz   

    hey dude 
    thats not cool.
    rip it to bits.
    first outside of the case get the cpu, mobo, ram (one stick at a time), psu gpu do you get anything on the screen? any beeps?
    Second are you using a fan controller, running the all off the mobo?
  14. HumaNort added a post in a topic OroPrime V3.0   

    cheers dude! i got some noise come from the rig at the moment not any of the fans so only PSU or HDD been the nosiy bastard.
  15. HumaNort added a post in a topic Infinite warfare vs battlefield 1   

    I'm staying away from overwatch and other game till I finish my first play though on fallout 4. I'll lose what's going on and where I am in the story if I start others. Only down side to massive open world games for me. I do want get a good point and click adventure for the living room soon.