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  1. StaticFX added a post in a topic LMC(Little Man Computer)   

    never heard of it... im out lol
  2. StaticFX added a post in a topic Hi Pat from California   

    Alienware pcs are fine... the are owned by dell but still run separately. AW service is good (I have heard some crazy issues people have had with some really good resolutions like full replacements with upgrades) - but any company has some bad service on occasion. Yes, when Alien was bought, a few members started Origin PCs. Now... origin makes awesome pc's, but even more overpriced than Alien, but far better. That being said, you will be far better off building your own. Hands down
    You get to pick all the parts. You know what parts are in your pc. and you can control the budget! Plus.. its really fun to do and a lot easier than most people think
  3. StaticFX added a post in a topic Anybody know how to code Java?   

    void NameOfBlock() { if (varIsTrue){ DoSomething; } else {   DoSomethingElse;   } }Super rusty, but you do a boolean check of your Variable (varIsTrue - is the name I used lol) - if its true, it does something else, it does something else.
  4. StaticFX added a post in a topic Locky Virus   

    It honestly surprises me that people still open attachments! My wife has learned to always ask me first (thankfully!)
  5. StaticFX added a post in a topic Need advice for 4k capable gaming and htpc build   

    You want an all white motherboard... how much do you want to spend? lol MSI has a special edition "titanium", LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=
    but, there are some led effects on the board that are red... minor.. but if you really want white/blue it will throw it off
    this one.. (prepare for sticker shock) has RGB lighting, but is black
    and the ASUS Sabertooth is white with a camo look, LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=
    as far as GPUs - there are a few cards releasing from both nVidia & amd this year... if you really want future proof right now.. then you need to go with AMD since they have superior DX12 performance... BUT it will be a LONG while before DX12 is common. My honest suggestion would be to pick up only ONE card for now... You wont get the ultra 4K with a single 980 Ti, but im sure you can play at a good setting . then wait to see what releases. Why waste money on 2 cards right now?
  6. StaticFX added a post in a topic Motherboard Compatibility with RAM   

    Well, i know that just because its not on the list, doesnt mean it wont work (they dont test all of them), it means its not supported.. so if you have any issues.... 
    but if you look at the specs.. 16-16-16 @ 1.2v 2400 - same specs as some listed. Should be all set
  7. StaticFX added a post in a topic Which GPU Comparisions do you use?   

    first pick your max budget.
    then take a look at a number of cards in that range... dont forget that just because its the most expensive, doesnt mean its the best.
    Toms HW is great..
    GamersNexus is good too imo
  8. StaticFX added a post in a topic Semi-Noob needing help with gaming build   

    I would also like to say that if you are looking for DX12 performance, you will want a radeon card. They outperform nvidia across the board. The fury X even beats the Titan X in ashes (Crazy setting, 1080p)
    so, currently AMD owns the DX12 future proof title... BUT... thats a ways off before there are a lot of dx12 titles... SO with that said, get the 980. And save up... grab a fury or furyx down the road because dx12 can use both cards at the same time. no SLI/Xfire.
    as far as the above build... swap that Seagate out for a WD. Seagates failure rate is bad... they are getting sued over it
  9. StaticFX added a post in a topic Hello all from Massachusetts   

  10. StaticFX added a post in a topic speeding up rendering   

    I read that in some of the forums where Autodesk was being discussed. A few people mentioned it... I cant say for sure on the truth of it, but usually if you get a few or more people saying it, and no one saying they are nuts, its good lol.
    and what do you mean switch order? I dont see anything different?
  11. StaticFX added a post in a topic speeding up rendering   

    with rendering, yes, better the cpu, the better the speed. Dual Xeon would be smokin fast... 
    as far as i understand also.. with i7's you should turn on HT, with xeons, leave it off.. also, 2gb of ram per core is the sweet spot. Dual Xeon would be less expensive as well....
    But as a side note, maybe dont jump the gun right away. The new AMD zen cpus have 32 cores... yes... 32. If you can hold off a bit, it might be worth it to see how those  perform.
  12. StaticFX added a post in a topic Topic format integration   

    CSS is for formatting and making things look nice. You need PHP/Javascript/JQuery etc to run the page
  13. StaticFX added a post in a topic I need help w/ finding a MOBO   

    lots of good MB choices...
    First pick which CPU.. if you are spending the cash, might as well go with the Z170 chipset since it the newest/best
    Then, are you SURE you want the 980ti? all the recent benchmarks for DX12 show the Fury X beating the 980 by quite a bit...although, you could go 980ti + FuryX when DX12 is more the standard.
    so, pick the chipset first. then we can help
  14. StaticFX added a post in a topic Topic format integration   

    Not sure how much IPS allows you to modify the board... but if it was PHP based and Brent would let me in the server, I could do it lol
    What would be better is a form that asked the questions, then it could start the topic with a standard format
  15. StaticFX added a post in a topic $400 Workstation   

    Its a decent build, but.. if you poke around you can find prebuilts for this or less
    im not sure I would bother building a pc for excel/web browsing.