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  • WOLF'S 101: What To Do With Old PCs

    By TheLoneWolf

    After a while, your trusty PC is bound to get old and outdated. With newer and newer hardware being released every month, the time for which 'latest' PCs are actually latest decreases dramatically. So you would soon find your PC unable to cope up with the evolving hardware world.
     So, then you get carried away with the new flash GTX 970, while your current GTX 560TI holds no value now; or that new i5 6500 has made its home in your mind? You must either be looking to upgrade your current PC with new hardware, or build an entirely new PC from scratch (in which case I recommend you worm your way to the EGC Community for further guidance. I gave been a Moderator of the community and can vouch for it).

      This guide is aimed at the latter, the newbie PC builders, who just don't know what do do with your old PC. This guide aims at making you understand how you can make good use of your old glory box and make the most out of it. You can sell it and stop reading this guide. But if you don't wanna sell it (and I recommend that you don't), keep on reading! So let us begin!!!

    1. Setting Up Your Old PC So you got an old PC sitting in the corner gathering dust? Or you have just built that new gaming destructo-rig, but the old PC is sitting in the garage? Well, get that baby out of its retirement and back to 24/7 work!
    Salvaging Parts: Could be that your old PC still holds treasure, like a set of good 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM, which you can use in your new PC. You would want to leave older RAM/Hardware inside your old PC if they are more thsn 5yr old. And if you want to use that old PC, you should leave the bare minimum inside it. After you have done it, and either have a useless old box or a usable PC left (we need the latter!), proceed to the next step.
    Cleaning Your PC: First of all, move all your data from your older PC to the newer PC. This is because you are going to do a fresh install of Windows or vice versa on it!  So after you have moved, insert your install disc or whatever you have and install it. NOTE. Format all your drives.Wolf's 101 Tips:- I recommend you merge all drives into one partition and then install your OS on it. This tip is only for what we are going to do with that old glory box next. Its your call anyway. After you have that fresh install, and your PC is digitally shining brand new, proceed to the next step.

    2. Choosing Its RoleSo now we are going to choose what to do with this PC:A. An Emulation Machine  Emulate all those oldies and retros on your PC! B. A Torrent Hub  Download/Upload Torrents 24/7.C. A Compression Box  Use your new PC, while your old one handles all those UHARC/KGB compressions.D. An Encoding Powerhouse  Let your old PC slow down to a crawl for long whiles, encoding your hour long movies, while you game blazing fast in your latest gizmo.E. A Multimedia Showpiece Transform your old PC into a Multimedia device. Let it be the star of all those movie nights!
    An Emulation Machine This is one of the best choices. These days, we can simulate other systems on our PCs to either run those platform specific files, OR PLAY THOSE OLD PLATFORM EXCLUSIVE GAMES!!! Want to play your favourite NES games? Download an emulator! Want to play Pokemon Black? Download no$GBA or DeSuMe (both emulators). There are a ton of resources out there, and I would try to compile a good enough reference.

     So here it goes:Resources: Wolf's 101 Tips:- I mostly don't emulate on PC. Android, people. If this article hadn't been only about PCs, I would have mentioned them.

    1. Emuparadise:- This is where you grab all those games. For trial purposes ofcourse. You should always buy the game, but still try this site out. It has reference for emulators as well.
    2. no$GBA:- There it is. My favorite DS emulator! Its fast, its cool, and its free.
    Here's a pic:

    3. Visual Boy Advance:- Thats my favourite GBA emulator. Same as above.
    4. DOS Box:- Emulate DOS. Duh. Find the games yourself. Lol.
    5. ePSXe and PCSX2:- Former for PSX, Latter for PS2. Consider the first only. Imho that old box can't handle PCSX2. Its resource heavy.
    6. Dolphin:- An add-on/plugin heavy emulator, it can be used to emulate GameCube/Wii, as well as a number of other systems.
    7. RetroArch:- Its as retro as it gets. It can emulate over a wide variety of systems. It is based off the concept of "cores" .i.e. sorta mini emulators that the program uses to emulate what we want.

    A Torrent Hub If you don't know what torrents are, Google is your friend. Then come back here later. Hey! Back already? So let us continue!   By turning that old PC into a Torrent Box, you are actually doing the best thing on the planet (if you are an extensive torrent user ofcourse. In that case, skip this section. You already know what to do). Now, your are using that old hunk to do something useful .i.e. FOR DOWNLOADING HUGE TORRENTS 24/7/365/WHATEVER! Resources: You should get started by downloading the best torrent client ever (opinionated). Its Bittorrent.1. Download Bittorrent
    Now that we have a torrent client, we want...guess what...TORRENTS! #xD Here I have compiled one of the best torrent sources:
    1. TORRENTZ:- This site redirects you to where what you want is.

     Now for the bigger picture.

    2. KICKASS TORRENTS:- Its just kickass.

    3. ExtraTorrent:- *cough*PIRATES*cough*. No ale or prisoners. Its all of the latest flicks.

    You *should* not pirate (laughs)

    4. PIRATEBAY:- Savvy, can't get the link but..(Goog is your friend).. MAKE WAY FOR TORTUGA! This thing is the godfather of all sites. Its the tavern for pirates from all over the world. Let the Black Flag fly! But rest assured:

    A Compression Box Compression is the way of the judicious. Way of the pirate. Way of the file sharer. Way of whatever. Its also a long process. Way too long in some cases. Tick that max compression box and your PC becomes unusable. But we have another PC to bear the power of compression, while you enjoy your latest games and gizmos on your new PC.
    Resources: 1. WinRAR:- Its a pretty good tool. And by far the easiest to work with too. Absolutely recommended for the beginner.
    2. 7-Zip:- A little more advanced, but great once you aren't the noob you once were. I like WinRAR for its ease of use and pretty straightforward "want it, get it" attitude. But I equally like 7-Zip's raw power. Its high compression ratioes are just a minor example. It can be tweaked to compress like hell.
    3. KGB Archiver:- We just talked about how high 7-Zip compression ratioes are. Well, KGB's are just INSANE! I recommend this baby in your Compression Box as a MUST! It takes far too much resources to perform compressions, but its worth it. Ever. Single. Second. Couple this thing up with one of the two above (WinRAR imho), and your Compression Box goes out perfectly. Dud I tell you that this guy pwns your machine more than Crysis 3 pwns an Intel Pentium? So if your PC goes to a crawl, don't freak out!
    4. Universal Extractor:- I like to call it the Everything Extractor. It extracts every single file archive. Its a pain in the ass for a newbie, but its my regular cup of tea. You guessed that already, right? 
    An Encoding Powerhouse Encoding. If you are a ytuber, you exactly know what I mean. Whether you own a copy of Sony Vegas Pro or not, enciding is still a tedious, but necessary process. 
    Resources: 1. Sony Vegas Pro:- You knew it to be here? Right? Why shouldn't it be? Its the best video editing cum compressor. It takes time though, and it ain't free.
    2. Handbrake:- I love Handbrake. Its the most versatile software I ever used in the encoding scene. The formula to insane vid compression is Handbrakin' (word of the day) WLMM (Windows Live Movie Maker) outputs.
    A Multimedia Showpiece You can also use your old PC to manage all your vids/pics. Just download Plex. 
    CONCLUSION So here was my guide to what to do with your old PC. After reading this, you should emerge as an enlightened being. Alright joke! But it will definatelt help you! 
    If I left something out, free to let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading! See you in the next article!
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  • Anime: Attack on Titan Review. Its Males-Without-Balls vs. The Human Race.

    By TheLoneWolf

    So this is my first anime article! Yay! Lets hope not the last! I just finished Attack on Titan season 1 spanning 25 episodes, not to include the OVAs. I have to say, this anime is just #AWESOME! The story is just so deep, and as it is based on humanity's last stand, it reeks of interest. And the characters are so cool! Attack of Titan makes you familiar with a couple of persons, and then it killes them! OK its not fun to see your favourite characters die, but it gives the feeling that these guys are really struggling to survive. They are losing their loved ones and going through whatever hell the end of the Earth produces. A note for Attack on Titan fans. If I were the King, this thread would just be saying 'LEVI'! WHAT IS ATTACK ON TITAN? Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin in Japan) is an anime series that released in Japan as a manga series in 2009 and was adapted as an anime series (the one we would be talking about) on 26th Aug 2013 (hail wikipedia). I started watching it 2 weeks ago and completed it today, 2am in the morning. This anime is adaptation of the manga series and tries to be as close as possible to it. While I have not read the manga, I can say that the Japanese know how to make kickass shows. REVIEW The story of Attack on Titan (called AoT henceforth) is pretty familiar sounding. Zombie Apocalypse, anyone? But instead of zombies, we have Titans! These are like the mythological Giants, just there is a lot more to them than walnut size brains. Titans are giant humanoid creatures ranging from 3m to 15m in size. They are said to lack human intelligence and work on instinct. And to remove more zombie elements from the story, they are naked. So humanity is on the edge of extinction because of some giant naked nutheads. That doesn't sound thrilling. At all. But it does sound funny. Imagine a giant reddish humanoid naked monster coming at you to devour you. You might laugh it off. But the horror starts here, when you see that the monster trying to get you DOESN'T HAVE BALLS! xD xD! Yup. Thats true. The super dangerous humanity extinctors don't have balls. They lack reproductive organs whatsoever. So balls are masculine. What about the female titans? Looks like there are no females at all. Heck, they don't even have an excretory system. xD xD so the Titan males can never have the real fun in life. Ok. Back to story! Titans began appearing a century before the events of AoT. They were creatures that seemingly ate humans for fun. Titans didn't eat other animals. Just humans. I'll try to keep the spoilers to 0, so I'll use deception and whatTheShowShowsYou things. So the humans go and build three huge concentric walls. These walls are 50m high and spaced out more than 100km. So the humans have towns, forests, and even more inside the walls. So when the story begins, a Titan LARGER than the walls knocks a hole in the outermost one, Wall Maria. The titans enter and chaos ensured. So taking the first episode in mind, our story focusses on Eren Jaeger, a hotheaded boy that experiences fits of anger and dreams of going in the world outside the walls, and Mikasa Ackermann, a silent girl who is adopted by Eren's father and is overly protective towards Eren. But you will surely be in for a surprise later on. The titans enter and begin eating people like ready made popcorn. The titans eat Eren's mother alive in front of him. He even sees her blood splat in the pavement in front of him. And thus hatches the hatred and mission to kill all of them in Eren's mind. I don't blame him. Anyone will go beserk on that. The music is awesome! Especially the opening! And not to mention the fight scenes. Its not one overpowered knight vs the world. People die battling titans. They are smashed like flies and chewed alive! Shudder! BE SERIOUS AOT! THIS GUY CAN'T BE OUR NEW LORD AND SAVIOUR! But Levi can be it! Look at him! CONCLUSION All I want to say is: PEOPLE!GET READY FOR A WAR! Thanks for reading! Plz comment! Or mail me at
  • Of Torrents and Men

    By TheLoneWolf

    Almost everybody knows of torrents. P2P (peer to peer) file sharing. Many of you must have bittorrent installed too, right? How do i know? Coz bittorrent file sharing accounts for 3.5% of total worldwide bandwidth! And about 1/3 of the internet traffic generated by more than 3mil people! Torrents are one of the best way to get your thing, legally or illegally. Torrents are also the best way to pirate things, as shown by thepiratebay. But if i talk piracy here, im sure to be kicked! So lets advance our raft into the Torrents. THE SOFTWARE There are many software out there to download your torrents. There are software like KingTorrent and bittorrent, and lil' client thingys like uTorrent. We will use bittorrent for this article. Coz its awesome! SETTING UP BITTORRENT Firstly, download Bittorrent at and lets get to the settings already! So the first thing to do is to take a speed test at and then change the bandwidth settings. In my time, 2yrs ago, these were situated in the 'preferences' tab. Check if they are still there. Once you are done, we are good to go! OBTAINING THE TORRENTS So we have the software, we set it up, we heard TheLoneWolf shit up thepiratebay[.se](if you curious). But what about the real thing? ITS TIME FOR THAT! So what we do now? We obtain .torrent files ofcourse! So .torrent files AND magnet links are the two best known methods of downloading your files. The .torrent file, in a nutshell, is a sorta download address and manual. It tells our client (BitTorrent) to download the file ABC from the address XYZ with the PQR instructions. More on that later. So we can download .torrent files and then immediately start downloading the file with the speed we configured up there, right? NO! We don't! Looks like there are more parameters for choosing the right torrent! Btw I did not mention where to actually get torrents from! So you want to get the newly released game? The latest movie? Copies of otherwise illegal material? You expect me to provide a magic word or website to do so? WRONG! Doing so MAY get me into trouble! But I'm not posting the actual links, right? So kickass, thepiratebay, torrentz, l33t (this guy is pirate paradise), etc are just some examples. Its a whole flea market out there. Except you don't have to pay A SINGLE CENT! TORRENTS- THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY So we learned how and where to get torrents. Now how to distinguish between a good and a bad torrent? Answer is like this: All (or most) torrents have two values. Seeders and leechers. So I'm making this article as brief and understandable as possible. So no in-depth-ing. If you want in-depth-ing, leave a comment! So the higher the seeders, the higher the speed. We must look at the seeder-leecher ratio. It must be equal to or greater than 2:1. Or the number of leechers should never exceed half the number of seeders. Therefore that torrent with 1 seed and 50 leechers is really really BAD! Moreover, most forum sites have a rating system. It has a Good, a Bad, and a Virus rating. Always try torrents that don't have many bad ratings and the good ratings exceed the bad rating by 50%. Never try a torrent with a virus rating. Ever. And also the super helpful comment section! Always read through it! DOWNLOAD TORRENTS SMARTER So we know how to get torrents, where to get them, and how to weigh them. Now time for the TIP! Torrents have a code or something. Its called the info hash. Its a long string of meaningless alphabets, numbers and characters. HOWEVER if we google this #SuperUsefulCode we can increase our download speed. How? Well, you google the code, you find the code links to the same file on another site. So what you do is weigh the torrent there and if its legit, download it. BitTorrent prompts you that the torrent is already in the queue. But you add it anyway and VOILA! You get the seed benefits of that torrent in your download process as the peers go UP and so does the download speed! The following image will give you an idea of how the info section of a torrent looks like. The info hash has been highlighted. Note how large the seed value is. It is obvioulsly a healthy and happy torrent! ISN'T THAT TIP AWESOME? If you liked my article or found it useful, or wanna report a correction, pleas comment or send over your feedback to Ofcourse! Conclusion!!
  • Parts Incoming! Optical Drive and MOBO came in!

    By Juiceman

    Sorry for not posting a blog lately, I've been busy daydreaming about my future build! Everytime a piece comes in I get super excited and I just think about how it'll all piece together. Anyways, welcome to Juicy Bits with Juice! Today I'm gonna show you the new parts that recently came in!* My optical drive and my motherboard came in. My optical drive was $12 and my mobo was $37. I got em cheap! They were cheap thanks to Pi Day once again! The optical drive I got is the Samsung SH-224DB/BEBE DVD/CD Writer. For $12 (it's usually $15) it looks like a pretty solid drive. It can do pretty much any basic function, so I'm glad I got it that cheap! Here's the PCPartpicker link, just in case you wanna check it out yourself: The motherboard I got was the Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Micro ATX AM3+. This mobo was actually a whole lot bigger than I had originally thought, but that's fine because I can expand the side of my case. Anyways, the reviews on this mobo were good, but a lot of them said it was kind of outdated. It has everything I need though and anyways, my PSU is gonna be big enough that I can OC if I want to. I'll see how it performs and go from there. I'm sure it'll run good! Here's the PCPartpicker link for the mobo: That's the end of todays article! Hope you enjoyed! Signing off, Juiceman aka Justin *Parts are at the bottom (below this text).

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  1. keyboard-70506_1280.jpg

    Hey guys! So I'll be starting a series on understanding different hardware that come together to make our PCs. And there will be buying advice!

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  2. First of all, wondering where I have been? The reason is up, the second article down at my blog at


    Though my only experience with these terms are in Minecraft, I'm sure they are used in a multitude of games. Used when you win a game against another player, to some people it's insulting even if it may have been meant as a joke. Are the terms really harmless? No. To some, it is rage inducing. The some being people like me because of my views. What are my views? They are the following.

    I will be focusing on people using the terms in Minecraft for this article. Gamers familiar with the terms can be categorized into 3 groups. The group that thinks "rekt" and "ez", the smug immature children who say it every time they kill someone and the rare breed of gamers who genuinely don't give it a second thought when killing people. I fall into the first. When playing Minecraft, always remember, there is ALWAYS someone who is better than you. Don't get cocky, karma is a b*tch. I pride myself with being absolutely godlike in Minecraft, when I see someone using the words, I engage tryhard mode, kill them the next game, and say it right back to them. I feel it justified in cases like these. Sometimes you feel the need to say it out of pure adrenaline, after winning a very difficult fight, such urge is understanable, but certainly doesn't make it justified. If anything any argument you may have is even weaker. You're saying the game was "ez" after barely winning by the skin of your teeth.
    "It's just a joke!" Is it? You are essentially saying "I am so much better than you" or "You are bad at this game" or consider how you feel when someone else says it to you. There are rare breeds of gamers who can laugh it off, but the point stands. Using the words is rude to the player. Few scenarios are exempted from this opinion. Among friends, you have known eachother and feel comfortable "insulting" eachother like that, you know no offense is taken. When it actually is a joke, and when you feel the need to add on to the message saying it. You don't intend to make someone feel bad, because lets be honest, people say it to make themselves feel good at the expense of making others feel bad.

    In the end, I feel that if you think the words, keep them as thoughts. It's not wrong to think someone is bad at the game if they actually are. But don't feel the need to say it right to their screen. There are exceptions, but normally the people saying rekt are chubby primary school kids wanting to make others feel bad. No offense should be taken if you fall into the second group I defined. These are my views, they are debatable and feel free to do just that in the comments.

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    I wish to share some thoughts and discuss about movies in current scenario.

    I am a 90s child and have grown up watching movies from late 80s and 90s. We have progressed a lot with movies tackling concepts of Gravitational time dilation (Interstellar), Inception, development vs. native population rights (Avatar). I must say I love the current Rise of the Planet of the Apes (phew, that's mouthful) compared to the earlier versions. I feel today we can do complex story telling in both movies and series with amazing graphics and tech giving it more life.

    But with all this amazing progress, on some level I feel there is something missing out. While Animated movies have become a money making genre of its own, in current scenario I feel only they are the kind of movies which you can watch with an age group of 3 to 100years. I really miss family focused movies of 90s like Back to the Future, Honey I shrunk/blew the kids, Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street (1947 and 1996 versions), The Never Ending Story, Sleepless in Seattle, etc. I mean when you saw these movies the stories had this positivity, tenderness and good values which I feel missing in movies other than animated ones.

    I know many would say that In real life its not all haha - hehe. That murder, crime, violence etc is the fact of life, I agree to all those. But movies are meant for us to be enjoyed, to feel something different for a little while. There is no denying that mass media does affect the populace, so I feel it would be great that in these dire times if we had more positivity and innocence of older movies.

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    At E3 2015, AMD released many of their graphics cards to the public. Which one of them happened to be, the AMD Fury X. Feauturing a Fiji Core thats built on a 28 nm, 4096 Stream Processors,Running on 1050Mhz, 256 Texture Units, 64 ROPS, GCN 1.2, along with 4Gb of memory which is tad low seeing how much this beast cost,and a memory speed of 1GB/S. Which again is really low for a card of this much cost and value. The Cool Radeon Logo Is Printed on its exterior,along with dual 8-pin PCIE and NO Crossfire Fingers. In the back we have a black backplate which is kinda ruined with varification stickers. We end up with a conclusion,will this beast rise above many,or will it critter up to the closest bush to it?

    Thank you really much for looking at my first post on my blog, please feel free to leave a comment if you didnt understand something or got loss while reading this post, make sure to drop a

  3. Sorry for not posting a blog lately, I've been busy daydreaming about my future build! Everytime a piece comes in I get super excited and I just think about how it'll all piece together.

    Anyways, welcome to Juicy Bits with Juice!

    Today I'm gonna show you the new parts that recently came in!* My optical drive and my motherboard came in. My optical drive was $12 and my mobo was $37. I got em cheap! They were cheap thanks to Pi Day once again!

    The optical drive I got is the Samsung SH-224DB/BEBE DVD/CD Writer. For $12 (it's usually $15) it looks like a pretty solid drive. It can do pretty much any basic function, so I'm glad I got it that cheap! Here's the PCPartpicker link, just in case you wanna check it out yourself:

    The motherboard I got was the Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Micro ATX AM3+. This mobo was actually a whole lot bigger than I had originally thought, but that's fine because I can expand the side of my case. :) Anyways, the reviews on this mobo were good, but a lot of them said it was kind of outdated. It has everything I need though and anyways, my PSU is gonna be big enough that I can OC if I want to. I'll see how it performs and go from there. I'm sure it'll run good! Here's the PCPartpicker link for the mobo:

    That's the end of todays article! Hope you enjoyed!

    Signing off,

    Juiceman aka Justin

    *Parts are at the bottom (below this text).

  4. blog-0904776001426735361.pngA General served as a supreme commander of US military forces

    and a all time A** commander that betrayed everyone even its own country

    he is General Shepherd

    if you've played the most highly anticipated and the most awarded and blockbuster FPS game in century

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Series

    You'll be playing in a series of events that you won't understand it quickly

    I made this post because many of the players are confused of the story and i will be clearing a bit of story that most players didn't understand.

    most players questioned about the missions are






    First is watch this video on how did General Shepherd killed Ghosts and Roach

    So now you've watched it

    Now General Shepherd is a General that has issues but the main of his issues are fame and failure

    on the year 2011 on Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare He made a plan on Kill or Capture Khaled Al - asad on the Middle East

    but the plan was failed due to a nuclear bombing by Khaled Al - asad and Makarov killing 30,000 USMC (US MARINE CORP) in just a blink of an eye as he said on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and because of that his thoughts in his mind telling him a failure and the whole world just watched as his men died and by proving himself again as a worthy general he continued planning missions on middle east for a counter attack while they made a plan of destroying militants on the middle east he made a plan of an infiltration of a russian airbase, while those missions are on the way an informant came and he is Yuri as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 mission "Blood Brothers" stated in Yuri's Flashback when Makarov made a nuclear attack on the US Marines Yuri's thoughts came in his mind that Makarov is insane its not war it is madness

    when he knew Makarov was planning a massacre on the Russian Airport he gave an information to the US Military informing General Shepherd that Makarov is planning a massacre on the Russian Airport then he made a plan sending Pvt. Allen on a mission to disguise and infiltrate Makarov's plan but they knew Yuri told the US Military the plan that they send an american on to infiltrate their plan they killed Pvt. Allen as the Russian knew an American Body was found on the massacre they thought the americans plan the massacre as the english language they used and the american black suits and US military machine guns and rifles used as of stated in the mission "No Russian" as Makarov told makarov's men to use no russian language as the Russian Military attacked America this is the time to prove that General Shepherd is a war hero but as he planning an offense from the Russians the Task Force 141 is also planning an offense to stop the invasion they head to any lead to Makarov then launched an EMP missile to destroy the Russian Air Offense as the Task Force 141 was completed and has succeed on stopping the Russians first invasion General Shepherd was given a blank check to make a full offense to the russians

    so General Shepherd planned to send the Task Force 141 to the Makarov's hideout and the Boneyard but when Ghosts and Roach got all the information of all Makarov's plan on a DSM they called an extraction to General that they got the DSM but when they gave the DSM to General Shepherd, General Shepherd shot both of them because of their knowledge of General Shepherd sending an american on the russian airport massacre and hiding it and making him a war hero by using all the information from the DSM and making an all out offense to the russians but then they failed to kill the other Task Force 141 members, Captain Price and Soap Mctavish and they knew General Shepherd is betraying them all along so he can make himself as a war hero crediting himself as a hero by killing makarov but he failed his plans as Captain Price and Soap Mctavish killed him in the last mission on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

    That's all for now i will be posting more

    subscribe for more information on Call of Duty Modern Warfare Series

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